I see all. 

You intrigue me.   You know exactly what you're doing. You allow people to perceive you a certain way, making them think they have all the power. They are putty in your hands and you love it. You annalise people intently. Finding out what makes them tick. Finding out what they want. Ofcourse that's you. … Continue reading I see all. 

In love with the sickness.

"I am your only friend." Said Depression.  "Ofcourse you love me, I make you breathless." Said Anxiety. "You don't want to miss the small details do you?" Said Paranoia. "I make you feel deeper than the ocean." Said Borderline. "You need me to survive." Said Anger. "I make it all worth it." Said Mania.


I was brought up on rap, home on the bad part of the map. You listen to rock, life on the same type of block.  We can stick together, find our own treasure.  We don't need money. Never tasted anything sweet, so we don't miss honey.  Without milk we are still content. Do as we … Continue reading Teen.